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LDPE Tarpaulins: LION BRAND®

Sheets are made out of speciality formulated prime RECYCLED raw materials with the combination of wide colour range, excellent surface finish, customized dimensions and uncompromising quality.
RCPPL Valued as a reliable manufacturer and supplier, we offer the finest quality LDPE sheets are known for their strength, resistance against moisture and durability. In accordance to the specifications provided by the customers, the offered LDPE sheets can be customized at our end.

Product Specification

Product Type :
Multi Layer Double Colour & Single Colour
Size :
6ft, 8ft, 12ft and 18ft
Colour :
Black, Green and Blue
Packaging Mode :
Woven Bag


LDPE Tarpaulins Sheets are Water resistance and environmental stress and crack resistance so it is widely used.

    1. Wrapping of machinery, cement and chemical components.
    2. Majorly used in in packaging and storage during rainy season as every
    product requires much more care from damage in this season
    3. Ldpe Tarpaulins are also used in Road Construction
    4. PCC Construction


The material is composed of 100% virgin PET material A-PET films are widely used for packaging consumer goods, electrical Accessories, and medical products. In packaging applications, A-PET films act as Excellent barriers to acids and strong oxidizers.
Flexibility as well as high temperature and impact resistivity are some significant features of our APET sheet. A-PET films are available in black, white, as well as custom colors.


Width :
Upto 750mm
Thickness :
200 – 1000 Microns
Colour :
Clear, Blue Tint

PET Sheet Advantages:

    Perfect transparency and surface brightness with high gloss.
    High impact strength close to Polycarbonate
    Formable, elongation-to-break similar to that of Polycarbonate
    Proven chemical stability with excellent gas and water barrier.
    Easy thermoformable with deep draw-forming.
    Sterilizable for applications related to FOOD, PHARMA & CHEMICAL industries.
    High impact resistance.
    Non-toxic and Non-odor


RPET it is one of the most sustainable, recyclable and circular materials. With key technical advantages of transparency, safety, versatility, durability & cost-competitiveness.
RCPL RPET uses from 50%-100% of post-consumer materials depending on the needs of our customers.
RPET can be processed more quickly and economically than rigid PVC making it an ideal material choice for applications requiring an attractive package with maximum product visibility.
R-PET sheet with tight tolerances is ideal for packaging, laminating, and custom thermoforming applications. RPET films are best suited for rigid packaging applications in industries ranging from food and medical to automotive. Compared to plastic resins such as PP, PVC, and HDPE, R-PET materials have high tensile yield strengths.
R-PET films exhibit resistance to strong oxidizers, alcohol, and hydrocarbon solvents. In food packaging applications, R-PET films act as barriers to fat, grease, and oil. Depending on special packaging requirements, can coat R-PET sheet with silicone or anti-static/anti-fog materials.


Width :
Upto 750mm
Thickness :
200 – 1000 Microns
Colour :
Clear, Blue Tint
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